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Hello! How it's going today? I, Dan, am doing okay. I can't really speak for Van though. You can tell my writing, because most of my english is correct. :-D

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Jun 4, 2004
First in a long time

          Hey! Dan is back, and ready rock! I dunno if Van will be back any time soon, but I'll be around for a bit. These last few months have a ton of stuff happen. Upward Bound, next year's classes, just good times.
         For 6 weeks, I will be at the University of Maine in Orono, hanging out with some peers, and generally having a good time. Mike will be going, as well as 2 other classmates, Tom and Trav. I will have a roommate, but he will not be from my school. I'm really looking foward to this.
          I have finally recieved my classes for next year. They are as follows: English 11-1, Psychology, Pre-Calculus, Spanish III, Chemistry, Multimedia, AP American History, and Chemistry Lab. I love having Psychology, it being possibly a career choice...

Random Wisdom!: A wooden chair will provide a seat for a person, as long there are no beavers in the neighborhood.

Posted at 06:01 pm by Dan8803
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Jan 24, 2004
Dan: Some of my friends

For lack of a better topic, I will describe a few of my friends.
Van: The other island boy on here. He's seriously about 5'5", 150 pounds, and he is more athletic than me. He's semi-popular with connections to all parts of the social realm. He has blond hair, and green eyes. A bit chubby, but he calls antoher person "Fatty". (How about a post on her, Van!) He does alright in school, passing, but not with flying colors....
Derek: My "pain outlet" friend, he's the one I pick on in a friendly way. *Cough Pharmicist Cough* He's rather tall, and a bit more athletic than I. Brown hair, with freaking highlights! He can be quite interesting, but at school he keeps to himself pretty much. Good grades, but slipping recently.
Erik: Ahhh, Dutch E. He has one of the darkest and wierdest senses of humor that you'll find around these parts. For instance, our gym teacher said "It won't kill you to jog a little bit!" He then muttered to Van, "Unless you jog off a cliff." Yeeeah... Great grades, though.
Mike: Interesting guy really. He hangs out with 3 girls, and has, over the years, become a bit feminine. Is'all good though, because he'll still talk about how terrorists could destroy a given building at a given time, then we'd go over a plan on how to do it. Good grades, but doesn't seem to try very hard.
As you can see, my friends really aren't all that wierd.
Random wisdom: When at home, eating dinner, make sure that there aren't any runners, coming from third diving into your plate.

Posted at 10:23 pm by Dan8803
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Jan 23, 2004

Random wisdoms: standing to close to a speaker could be harmful to your health

being board is just a state of mind, if you put your self to it you can find somthing intersting to do

cups are helpful at my lemonade stand and also at home plate

the pats are going to beat the panthers at a game of football (called THE SUPER BOWL)


Posted at 12:25 am by islandman_26
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Dan: What is a dream?

"dream   (drm)
  1. A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. "- Dictionary.com

I love remembering my dreams. I see a dream as a window into the actual emotions and feelings of a person. Wednesday night, I dreamt that I was at school. Many of the couples that exist in my school were getting married in the cafeteria. The table where we buy our lunch tickets doubled as a podium for the person marrying them. That person happened to be one of our lunch ladies (the younger one). Interestingly, I was going out with the girl that I used to like (see earlier post), and I remember saying the exact quote, "Our dating will end one of two ways, either you will break up with me, or we will get married." This happened in the lobby of our school, so no there were no enviornmental factors. Also, when I was walking down to the classroom wing, I noticed that one of the kids had a golden retriever with headphones on, listening to music, the dog that is. Interpret it as you will, but in my dream I felt very weak and helpless. If you want, you could post a dream of yours on the tag board, and we could discuss it.
Random wisdom: A scented marker has more than one use...



Posted at 12:15 am by Dan8803
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Jan 20, 2004
Dan: Great Weekend

Well, this past weekend up to today has been a great one! My friend has finally succeeded in something (No, I'm not overstating this), mid-term test have began, and our Patriots are in the Super Bowl again! First, I will start, of course, with the New England Patriots. Dismantling the Colts offense with 5 turnovers forced, they were outstanding on defense. My boy, Adam Vinatieri came through with 5 field goals. My other boy Jarvis Green was credited with 3 sacks on Drew Bledsoe Jr. and company. In other news, my friend (Anonymus), tried out for a football team, and it looks like he'll be signed. Lastly, to round out this entry, mid-terms have finally began. We have 2 classes a day, and we can be to school late, and leave early. I had an algebra test today, and I was the only one finished when I left. I used 78 of the alotted 80 minutes to do my test.
Random Wisdom: A hockey player created the toothbrush, otherwise it would be called a teethbrush.

Posted at 09:12 pm by Dan8803
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Jan 16, 2004
Dan- El seņor P.

Well, we have a three-day weekend, followed by mid-terms on Tuesday through Friday. I'll tell ya, my Spanish teacher is one heck of a character. You know how the northeast is going through a horrible cold spell? Well, every day he wears shorts to school. He coaches the school chess team, so he is always wearing our t-shirts. Also, he is about 60 years old, but he hasn't changed in looks for literally 25 years. With our small school, he also teaches french, so he barely ever calls anyone by their actual name. He calls us by our chosen spanish or french name. He is completely bald, shaves all of his hair off his head. Then, we think that he uses turtle wax, so he can blind the kids with his head. Also, he is one of the most physically fit people that I have ever met. I've never seen his car in the parking lot, so I'd bet that he rides his bike to work every day. BTW, his trip is approximately 40 miles each way. Having him as a spanish teacher is quite interesting. He'll make you write lines for punishment and detention. All in all, my spanish teacher is one heck of a character.
Random wisdom: To see many little dots, one could stare into a turned-on lamp for several minutes.

Posted at 07:05 pm by Dan8803
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Jan 14, 2004
Dan- Daily Routine

6:15 AM-Wake up
6:30 AM-Eat something
7:00 AM-Get ready for school
7:20 AM-Leave for school
7:30 AM-Arrive at school
7:55 AM-School starts
8:10 AM-First block class
9:40 AM-Second block class
11:00 AM-Third block class
11:40 AM-Lunch
12:20 PM-Third block class
1:10 PM-Final block class
2:30 PM-Leave school (Yay!)
3:00 PM-Get home
6:00 or 7:00 PM-Do Homework
11:00 PMish-Go to Bed
Sadly every school day is like that, it gets quite repetitive and boring after some time.
Random wisdom: Shoes are an overvalued accessory, be sure to buy 30 pairs of them.

Posted at 11:28 pm by Dan8803
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just to let you know

just to let you know the way dan talks in these things is not the way he talks in real life he just wants to show everyone he can use proper english and all that jazz he loves to show off how smart he is and he is wrong about bio... the qustions were always dumb

Posted at 09:10 pm by islandman_26
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Jan 13, 2004
Dan: Biology Class

Biology class is one of my most interesting ones. Mr. Laplant teaches it. He is about 25, with a medium build and blonde hair. Being 25ish, he can partially understand the situation his students are in. So, when we take notes from the board, he tries to keep us awake by "spicing them up". He uses little catch phrases and dumb little things just to keep our attention. Of course, after 40 minutes, this starts to wear on us. So, he usually assigns us things to do in the middle of the class. The "busy work" so to speak, keeps us doing something, while he goes around and talks with the kids. Also, to start each class, we have a "Question of the Day", such as "What is your favorite thing to drink?" or "What is your favorite fruit?" it gets rather tiresome half way through the year, as we are now. Also, in the first quarter, every class he would asked Micha, a foreign exchange student, to say a given word in german. Then, every so often, he would ask someone what the german equivalent to that word is. Needless to say, we nearly never got it correct. All in all, Bio wouldn't be the same without Mr. Laplant teaching it.
Random wisdom: A phone, when wet, can cause you a lot of damage.

Posted at 09:12 pm by Dan8803
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a day in the life of me...

ok today was wiked stupid i had a bio quiz that i think i did good on and no one really cares what i put in here so ya im wiked bord. last night i went to a basketball gAME and watched my home town team (the mariners) kick some searsport ass GO PATS AND MARINERS

Posted at 05:53 pm by islandman_26
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